Many users would definitely like to visit such a site as Kraken, however, due to their ignorance in dark deeds, be afraid do it. After all, you never know what you can do out of ignorance. We bring to your attention instructions for the safe use of the site

So, let's sort it out in order. Kraken, which can be accessed via the link, is not an ordinary site. Its peculiarity is not in the fact that it is somehow arranged differently, but in where it is located and how you can get to it. Due to the fact that many products sold on the pages of this marketplace are prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, cannot work in the open. It was located in the dark part of the web, the so-called Darknet. To get there, you need to use special tools - the TOR browser and VPN. TOR is a secure browser that "erases" your traces in the Internet. This way no one will know that you went to the Kraken. VPN, in turn, hides your original location. Therefore, to go to you need to:

When registering on the Kraken website we recommend that you do not use data that has been used on other sites in order to protect yourself from being hacked. In addition, any personal information should be excluded: you do not need to write your real name instead of a nickname, but indicate your date of birth as a password. Remember that using the site you have to be extremely careful

Before you start buying goods or ordering services on the Kraken trading platform, you need to replenish your account. Paying for goods directly to the seller without crediting funds to the account in the marketplace will not work, as this is prohibited. The only currency used on the site is Bitcoin. If you have this cryptocurrency, simply transfer it from your account to your Kraken account. If you have not used digital money before, use the services of exchangers that work on the marketplace.

After crediting money to account, you can enter the catalog and select a product. Before making a final choice, read the reviews about the store that other buyers have left. Now you just have to click the "Buy" button and discuss the terms of delivery with the seller. Happy shopping!